Aimee Johnson was born in Houston, Texas on March 10, 1982. In 1985 she moved to La Mesa California with her family. As a child Aimee was very sensitive.  She would have experiences in seeing guides, and in hearing voices.  This was something she did not understood, therefore found it quite terrifying. This was the case until she met and read with a local psychic in 2006.  Here she was exposed to the world of psychic tools and clairvoyant phenomena, which was able to explain many of the experiences she had as a child.  In 2007, she was trained in the method of  the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) as a Psychic Healer.  Now, with years of professional experience Aimee offers to share her knowledge of life-enhancing tools to anyone who desires personal healing and increased awareness. Aimee's personal beliefs are a reflection of her commitment to walk a spiritual path of self healing. So come visit The Urban Psychic, psychic readings. 


During a Session, We read information and energy stored in your body, chakras, and aura.  This tells us what your current manifestation process is, what energies are no longer serving you, and how to move forward confidently in the right direction.  Clarity is the name of the game.  Clients may ask directed questions or simply sit back and receive information. Readings are liken to non- denominational, spiritual therapy and clients are encouraged to seek healing support for any life imbalance they are experiencing. Aimee is an energetic, core level diagnostician.  The first step to healing is understanding what's really happening, way down underneath it all. When you pull it out by the root, it doesn't grow back.  A day to day awareness of the spiritual presence in one's own life will be emphasized in each reading. This awareness is necessary so that every individual may eventually perpetuate their own self healing. Self healing is promoted by changing behavioral patterns using powerful energy tools. These powerful tools are the means by which Aimee and her Guides heal, and the process by which she teaches through readings, classes and meditations. Through psychic visualizations, Aimee views the core imbalance, and together with the client, creates solutions that will help restore balance in all areas of one's life.

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"It's time for us to commit to self healing." - Aimee Johnson

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