A clairvoyant reading, often called a psychic reading, can be described as non-denominational spiritual therapy. It is recommended for clients who seek healing support for any imbalance they are experiencing in their lives. During a session, Aimee reads psychic and energetic information stored in your physical body, your chakras, and your unique aura. Her style of diagnosis aims to identify the origin of the client’s issue or imbalance, working with the energetic core of the issue rather than its symptoms. Clients may ask directed questions or simply sit back and receive information. We work on understanding your current manifestation process, which energies are no longer serving you, and ways that you can move forward confidently toward healing.   

Aimee’s readings emphasize day-to-day awareness of the spiritual presence in one's own life. This awareness fuels the energetic tools that empower each individual to change their behavioral patterns and, eventually, to perpetuate their own self-healing. These powerful tools are the means by which Aimee and her Guides teach and heal through readings, classes and meditations. 

Hello and thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in my work.  I have been reading professionally since 2007.  My reading style is focused and direct.  It's about seeing things from a new angle, described in a new way so your mind can actually learn something new.  New mind = New life experience. My readings are based around the belief that we are creating our life through free will and that this how we can utilize personal power and create change.  Using the power of will along with self awareness and self honesty, you can become a strong, happy, healthy, balanced and loving creature.   In a reading, present time imbalances or blocks will be diagnosed from the core level.  This means we do not focus on the symptoms, we focus on the cause.  Heal the root cause, eliminate the symptoms.  Whether you want to talk about relationship issues, career decisions, family problems, or undiagnosable medical issues, everything starts as, is created by, and exists as energy.  It is a powerful shift in perception realizing this.  Learn how to look at your life as energy, come out of your overactive, confused mind and create, in tangible reality, the life that you want.  Seriously, you can be free and rich and do whatever you want with each day.  Society doesn't want you to know that, but it is very true and attainable.  

What is a Clairvoyant Reading?